Danny Norton Presenter Tues 8-10Pm Repeated Sat 10pm Sun 9PM
Danny Norton Presenter
Tues 8-10Pm
Repeated Sat 10pm
Sun 9PM
Tomorrow night (21st October 2014), a new show starts on West Hull FM that aims to reach the area’s LGBT community. The progamme will be broadcst on a weekely basis every Tuesday evening from 8-10pm.

The programme will be a magazine type one, with interviews, debate and a few laughs along the way. It will be light-hearted but with a purpose, and its main aim is to get its listeners to contact the show and have their voices and concerns heard.

There are also opportunities for people to get involved themselves and we all have the chance┬áto broadcast on the show. If you’d like to get involed, simply contact the sation manager. Follow the links on the website, www.westhullfm.org.uk.

However, using the same link you can just switch on the show, lie back an enjoy it. And don’t forget to get involved.

The LGBT Community programme on West Hull FM (called Proud and Loud) will be broadcast weekly on Tuesday evenings between 8-10, listen live on 106.9fm or online. West Hull FM is a not-for-profit organisation in assosiation with the Goodwin project, and its beneficieries are the people of West Hull, for whom their community is the target audience.

2 thoughts on “Exciting new opportunity for Hull’s LGBT Commuity

  1. And it gets better and better. A pardon for all not justTuring,SRE in shools and Domestic abuse as well as local events.A real assett. Tune in!


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