Friday’s Hull Daily Mail carried a great story about Hull City FC and Stonewall’s rainbow laces campaign for this year.

Great to hear Hull City FC Support Stonewall's Rainbow Laces Campaign.
Great to hear Hull City FC Support Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces Campaign.

Stonewall campaign last year was a first, but they faced some difficulties and it wasn’t universally-supported. This year’s campaign looks like it’s going to get a broader base of support, with a Hull City spokesman saying “we absolutely back the Rainbow Laces campaign launched by the FA.” That never happened last year – at least to no great extent (only one player wore them).

However we need to go further. Designating a football match in February the Football v. Homophobia match, for example, would make a big statement.

Nevertheless, it’s fantastic that something is being done – and at our local club too!

Sadly, whilst the campaign is to be applauded, it was largely invisible. I watched the game on the telly and was unable to see a single one. Even when players were tying their boot laces (there was a close up shot of Hull City’s captain Curtis Davis doing this and his laces looked black to me) o never saw any. I believe that players were wearing them, it’s just that they’re not standing out. I said last year that armbands would be much better and I’m yet to alter my opinion on this. You need something that people can see, so the this link to the gay football supporters’ network¬†¬†(GFSN) website may be an answer to the initial problem.

This is a great site for any football fans and it is all-inclusive. The stonewall laces were ok, but I fear they will be ineffective, however, giving gay people a way into the sport, now that is better.

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