Our petition from 2015 Hull Pride for an exoneration for all those convicted of gross indecency and related crimes prior to the 2003 Sexual Offences Act is being sent to Sarah Champion, Shadow Equalities Minister
The government and Labour have both previously promised an Alan Turing type pardon.
We believe that this is well-meaning but inadequate, A pardon suggests that there was wrong doing in the first place. The Law now says they did not. People retain criminal records for something that is -rightly-no longer regarded as a criminal offence.An automatic exoneration for those whether alive or dead-would remove this slur on their character.
2017 will see the 50th Anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexual relations between men. But many men continued to be convicted of offences right up until 2003. Despite the fact that the ‘crimes’ of which they were convicted are no longer regarded as such. By what logic can you be pardoned for something that was not wrong in the first place?
Hull Pride 2017 has been designated the first National Pride. We will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Act but how marvellous it would be if justice was finally done–in as far as it can be—by an automatic exoneration Of course it will come too late for many and will be little compensation for those whose lives were ruined os in some cases ended. We will remember them. But a pardon-however well-meaning will not be enough. It MUST be an exoneration. They did no wrong. The Laws were unjust and wrong.

Exonerate the other 49000 victims of gross indecency laws. Sign our petition
Exonerate the other 49000 victims of gross indecency laws. Sign our petition


We wholeheartedly welcome the appointment of Rotherham MP ,Sarah Champion, as the new Shadow Women and Equalities Minister.

The picture shows Sarah when she joined the campaign to try to save the Broken Rainbow LGBT Domestic Violence helpline. Sarah—inheriting the aftermath of the Rotherham child abuse scandal had previously been the shadow minister for preventing abuse and domestic violence. As Sarah pointed out at the time,thousands of vulnerable LGBT people do not have adequate local services to protect them . One in four lesbian,gay or bisexual will experience domestic violence from a partner or family member.Four out of five trans people will.
Sarah has a strong voting record in supporting LGBT rights and has pointed out the dangers to rights of repealing the Human Rights Act as Theresa May would like to do.
Sarah has been appointed on the back of a very strong LGBT Manifesto from Jeremy Corbyn which we hope the entire party will unite around. We will be pleased to campaign for it,
So welcome Sarah-we look forward to working with you
And we will also be lobbying you
We have a few continuing concerns of our own!


CL 9/10/16


We post below a summary of a statement that we have had on LGBT Rights from the Corbyn Campaign. We have not received a similar statement from the Owen Smith campaign but would hope that he—-and indeed the entire Labour Party can unite around this statement in tis vital policy area. It builds upon the radical policy statement drawn up for the 2015 general election under the oversight of Angela Eagle.
There is little if anything in it with which we would quarrel—-it was particularly pleasing to note the support for the provision of Prep and the threat to hard won LGBT Rights that we could face if Theresa May gets her stated wish of withdrawal from the European Court of Human Rights.
Of course not EVERYTHING we would wish to see is there. Yet. There is no promise to outlaw conversion therapy or exonerate those convicted of gross indecency before the law was changed in 2003. We will continue to campaign for both—an exoneration would surely be particularly appropriate next year—-the fiftieth anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act which—albeit very partially-decriminalised homosexual acts between men.
In general though this is an excellent statement which every single member of our party ought to be able to unite around and campaign for

Diana Johnson et al – Letter to Norman Lamb


1. Equality For All. Proud of Our Diversity

“in recent years we have made huge progress and gains for LGBT+ citizens—-Together we have achieved much but there is still much to do to build a society that is equal for all. I believe that we can do it together—–”

2. Creating An Equal ,Diverse and Inclusive Society

The erosion and diminishing visibility of LGBT venues across the country is a cause for concern. We recognise that LGBT+ bars and clubs serve an important role in LGBT+ society ,personal development and we must keep them for the future. We will therefor

Preserve the cultural and historic heritage of LGBT+ venues by using planning law to ensure greater protection from change of use
Maintain Britains place as one of the world’s leading proponents of LGBT+ rights and will seek to fight to secure and build on all EU securedLGBT + rights-enshrining them in UK statute.

2. Security At Work And Equal Access To Justiceotion

Whilst open homophobia in the workplace is rarer than it once was it remains a realiy.The Conservative Government’s introduction of employment tribunal fees has lead to increased difficulty in bringing discrimination cases. Labour is already committed to abolition of these fees. We will therefore
A] Implement Abolition of Fees
B] Strengthen employment and trade union rights from day one in a job such as protection from unfair dismissal and statutory rights for trade union Equality Reps
C] A Labour Government will use public procurement as a lever to improve equality in contract criteria. We will ensure that the promotion of race,gender,LGBT+ and Disability equality forms part of the value for money consideration for contracts and thereby improve companies equalities practice.
d] Public investment will enable the economy to grow and put the PUBLIC back into our public services and end the cuts to them. We will end the austerity that has harmed specialist LGBT+ services.

e] It is already difficult for young LGBT+ people who do not feel safe in their family home or hometown to move. Young LGBT+ people have long been over represented among the homeless–with research by the Albert Kennedy Trust showing that they represent 24% of the young homeless. Government changes to housing benefit have made things worse.We will take action aspart of our secure homes guarantee and end insecurity for private renters by introducing rent controls and a charter of private tenants rights.

3. Equality In Education

To help achieve this we will

A}Work with schools to promote a safe and inclusive environment for LGBT+ young people and encourage the adoption of inclusive practices to ensure that LGBT+ students achieve positive educational outcomes
B] Advance LGBT=inclusion in the education system by updating the national curriculum to reflect LGBT+ historical figures and LGBT+ rights
C] Ensure that Sex and Relationship Education is made compulsory in schools with a focus on sexual health,healthy relationships and LGBT+rights and tackling homophobia and misogyny

4 Healthcare

Some of Britains most glaring inequalities are in relation to health. Austerity has affected access to distinct health services used by LGBT+ patients. These include funding for treatments,information and advice which compound the serious health inequalities suffered by LGBT+ people. We Will
A} End the privatisation of our NHS . We will work with LGBT+ groups to improve health services for LGBT+ patients-including working with the trans community to improve access to gender identity services
B We will support the right to PrEp and work with support organisations to accelerate the provision of it to those at the highest risk of contracting HIV

5 Tackling Homophobia In Society

There has been a 22% increase in the number of hate crimes recorded against gays and lesbians in 2014-5. Transgender hate crime rose by 9% last year [Both Home Office Figures} THese figures account for reported crimes only

We will take active steps to ensure that all police officers are adequately trained about homophobic and transphobic crimes and educated to understand the barriers in reporting these crimes.

We will also implement Stonewalls recommendation to work with school ,the police and local authorities to prevent crimes happening in the first place

5. Increasing LGBT + representation in democracy and our party

Our democracy shoud represent the society we represent and we are proud that the British parliament has the highest proportion of LGBT+ in the world. We must build on this record and promote diverse representation at every level of our democracy and society.The Labour Party itself must make sure that it is a welcome accessible and inclusive environment for everyone and that we are removing barriers
We will ensure that equality is at the heart of all our policies

I believe that this statement should unite us across the party regardless of whom we support for leader and regardless of our sexuality. It is of course not perfect—but it is a policy well worth fighting for
Truly we should—on this issue of equality be united in our diversity. That is a source of strength–not weekness

Colin Livett 19th Sept 2016

Today [13th. September] the Women and Equalities Select Committee issued its report on Sexual harassment and violence in schools.

The key recommendations from this all-party committee read as follows;
“The committee urges the government to act now to protect and empower a generation of children and young people’
1 The government must use the new Education Bill to ensure every school takes appropriate action to prevent and respond to sexual harassment and sexual violence. Schools will need support from Government to achieve this, including clear national guidance.
2 OFSTED and Independent Schools Inspectorate must assess schools on how well they are recording, monitoring, preventing and responding to incidents of sexual harassment and sexual violence.
3 Every child at primary and secondary school must have access to high quality ,age appropriate relationships education delivered by well-trained individuals . This can only be achieved by making sex and relationships education [SRE} a statutory subject,investing in teacher training and local third party sector specialist support.

The Committee thus became the fourth select committee in just over a year to make such a call. This is probably the most radical yet because it calls for ALL youngsters in ALL schools to receive this education, and also emphasises the importance of specialist delivery by well trained experts.
The government has so far effectively ignored these calls despite the overwhelming support among professional groups, students and parents in support of them [See previous blog]

In addition Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton, is having her third attempt at introducing a Private Members Bill on the subject-the previous two having run out of parliamentary time before their passage could be completed.

It reads as follows
“Personal, Social Health and Economic Education [Statutory Requirement] Bill 2016-7
“A Bill to require the Secretary of State to provide that Personal Social Health and Economic education [PSHE] is a statutory requirement for all state funded schools; for PSHE to include Sex and Relationships Education [SRE] and education on ending violence against women and girls; to provide for initial and continuing teacher education and guidance on on best practice for delivering and inspecting PSHE and SRE education, and for connected purposes .

This bill had its formal first reading on 4th July and is due for its second reading-when there should be a debate on Friday 20 Jan 2017.

Finally there is a continuing petition on Change.Org entitled “Education Secretary Justine Greening; Make Sex and Relationships Education [SRE] compulsory in all schools.”


1 Lobby your MP to add a provision for mandatory SRE in all schools to the proposed education bill
2 Lobby your MP to turn up and support Caroline Lucas’ Private Bill on Jan 2oth
3 Sign the petition.

The Hull and East Riding LabourLGBT Network is also doing its part. Today [15th September], we have posted petitions on this subject to Gavin Shurker, the Labour Co-Operative MP for Luton South who is on the committee. The signatures were collected at Hull Pride in 2013, and it is thought that this would be a good opportunity for us to put all those signatures to good use, by┬ádirectly supporting the committee’s campaign.

The time has come for one more push on this and we can win. no government can ignore public opinion for ever


We feel no child should be left in fear and ignorance just because of the school they went to.
We feel no child should be left in fear and ignorance just because of the school they went to.

Colin Livett September 2016

There have been in the last couple of weeks accusations ,centred around Angela Eagle in her Wallasey Constituency of homophobic abuse against the openly ‘out’ MP. There have also been allegations in some quarters that this has been orchestrated by supporters of Jeremy Corbyn. We have no way of knowing whether Angela was subjected to such abuse nor whom the culprit[s] might be as the Wallasey CLP has been suspended. Our view—-as outlined below—-is that there is no place in our party for homophobic abuse —but neither is there the remotest justification for slurring all supporters of Jeremy Corbyn of using homophobic abuse in the leadership campaign . As explained below this is not only noxious but bizzarre given that Corbyn, Smith and Eagle have been staunch advocates of LGBT rights
Here are the views of two activists of Hull and East Riding LGBT+ Network since its inception in 2012

1, “”I support the record of Angela Eagle and Owen Smith on LGBT rights. They are excellent. However, I personally will be voting for Jeremy Corbyn because I agree with his economic policies.He has also an excellent record on LGBT rights. Judging by the large crowds last weekend in Hull and Liverpool so do many others. If Angela Eagle has received homophobic abuse from a Corbyn supporter it is utterly wrong. But it also utterly wrong to tar all Corbyn supporters as prejudiced buffoons is pathetic. Jeremy Corbyn is white—-does that make me a racist if I support him?
Guilt by association is a poor argument,and to use it against people who support a candidate with an excellent LGBT record smacks of desperation—-as was demonstrated by the presence of rainbow flags at last saturdays Corbyn Rally in Hull. Are they claiming that the LGBt Officer for Hull North [me!] is homophobic? I support Corbyn. I acknowledge the LGBT record of Smith and Eagle. Where is the problem with that?

Dan Norton

Jeremy Corbyn. Long term LGBT Champion
Jeremy Corbyn. Long term LGBT Champion
Angela Eagle. Campaigned for Equal Marriage
Angela Eagle. Campaigned for Equal Marriage
Owen  Smith at  Liverpool  Pride
Owen Smith at Liverpool Pride

Second View

” Maria Eagle,Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith all have excellent records on supporting LGBT rights. The supporters of either Corbyn or Smith simply do not understand their candidates if they indulge in homophobic abuse. Equally it is despicable to try to slur ALL the supporters of one candidate if this does happen.
Like Danny I am supporting the re-election of Jeremy because I regard him as the best Socialist. His record on supporting LGBT Rights since he irst entered parliament has been exemplary. Some LGBT supporters of Jeremy brought their rainbow flags to Corbyns Rally in Hullon 30th July.I do not even know who they were but I was delighted to see them there.
Angela Eagle has shown great courage in being an ‘out; Lesbian MP. She sent our network a very warm message of support when our network was launched back in 2012.She was born in the East Riding of Yotrkshire—-not exactly a citadel of metropolitan liberalism.She chaired the committee that drew up Labours LGBT Manifesto for the 2015—-the most radical ever put before the British electorate. I am polls apart from her on many other policies but united on LGBT rights. Similarly I do not support Owen Smith in his leadership campaign but have no problem with praising his record on LGBT rights. I hope the rainbow flag appears at his rallies too—–although of course I would like to see more at Jeremy’s

So please no abuse of the candidates and their teams. And no slurs by implication against whole groups. That is NOT the Socialist way.It is dispiriting and morally banrupt politics. In this respect at least we should rejoice that we have a leadership united in their support for LGBT rights. Let us forgo the abuse and slurs and have a grown up debate about the merits of the candidates and future of our party.

The tragedy is that party democracy has been put on hold. In the first instance the local CLP should investigate these sort of allegations. Danny makes a brilliant point about not being racist just because he is going to vote for a white candidate. He could have added sexist of course.How in 2016 do the Party rules still allw for an all male leadership? But that -perhaps is an argument for another day!

Colin Livett

The Rainbow  Flag  is  Flown at Corbyn's Hull Rally
The Rainbow Flag is Flown at Corbyn’s Hull Rally


The ‘it’ is Mandatory Sex and Relationships Education [SRE]with inclusive guidance on LGBT matters.
This week the highly regarded LGBT Rights organisation THe Terence Higgins Trust published a report on SRE in Britains’ schools—revealing an horrendous situation.
Among its findings were the following—-results even worse than those found in the Offsted Report of 2014 which found that SRE teaching was inadequate in the minority of schools that have to provide it.[It does not have to be taught in Academies,primary schools free schools or private schools]
*More than half of respondents reported provision to be poor or terrible
*Only 5% were taught about were taught about LGBT sex and relationships—-despite 97.5% expressing a desire to know .
*97% received no information on gender identity
* 32% received no information on H.I.V. {This at a time when infection rates are increasing and the NHS has refused to fund preventative drugs!]
* 99% of young people thought SRE should be mandatory in ALL schools whatever their status or whoever they are funded by.
The dismal effects of this perpetuation of ignorance among our young people is well documented and getting worse

Ian Green ,Chief Executive of The TH Trust said this:” In this report ,we’ve seen the stark reality of SRE in this country and heard saddening stories of how one generation of young people have been exposed to low self-esteem,homophobia,bullying, unhealthy relationships and poor sexual health—–another generation of young people to leave school armed with little or no information on issues like LGBT relationships .gender identity and consent.Without trusted information from schools on anything other than the biological basics of the biological basics of heterosexual sex they will turn to less reliable sources such as the internet.”
Way back at the 2013 Pride we launched a petition for compulsory modern provision. Last year the Education Select Committee of Parliament conducted an inquiry into mandatory provision with evidence submitted in favour by just about every organisation in the field—-including our Forum and Network, To its great credit the committee comprised of all political parties reported in favour. Government response was delayed and when it came from Education and Women and Equalites Minister Nikki Morgan it was killed off by kind words and sabotage. Given her poor record on Equalities—especially LGBT equalitie as Equal Marriage this scarcely came as a surprise.There was outrage from just about every organisation in the field. Even this week the Commons Women and Equalities Committee again called for it when inquiring into sexual harassment in schools
Today Theresa May sacked Nikki Morgan [teachers cannot contain their grief!]and replaced her with Justine Greening. She was not only educated at a state comprehensive [not very common in the Tory hierarchy] but came out as being in a relationship with another woman during the recent London Pride. It has taken her until the age of 47 to do so—-so she must be well aware of the problems that LGBt youngsters in schools are continuing to face and so may be more receptive to a renewed campaign to secure mandatory LGBT inclusive SRE
Labour in its 2015 LGBT Manifesto committed itself to this—-but those young people continuing to suffer cannot afford to wait that long

As the report quotes from 18 year old Lauren Young who took part in the survey “Many young people struggle with their feelings of sexuality and if no one is talking to them about it,allowing them to discuss it openly,they will internalise their worry and it will grow into something ugly and harmful for the individual.

Or worse! The time for action is NOW1

We feel no child should be left in fear and ignorance just because of the school they went to.
We feel no child should be left in fear and ignorance just because of the school they went to.

Jo Cox was murdered on 16th June at her surgery in Birstall—-victim apparently of a hate filled constituent who shouted the words ‘Britain First’ as he slaughtered her. Jo had been MP for her beloved home town of Batley for just over a year but in that time had established a huge reputation. She was a great advocate of diversity -pointing out that what unites us as human beings is far greater than that which divides us and was contemptuous of the hate merchants who seek to turn communities against each other for their own tawdry political ends. She was also a feisty ‘voice of the voiceless’ as instanced by her championing of the Syrian child refugees. She was also a doughty fighter against modern slavery.The outpourings of grief from all the diverse communities of Batley and Spen have shown in what high regard she was held by them all-regardless of race or religion.

For the second time in a few days Hull Cenotaph will be the scene of a vigil to mourn victims of hate -the homophobic hate victims in Orlando on wednesday an Jo this coming sunday at the cenotaph this coming sunday

Please come along if you can to show your solidarity and determination that we will never ever be eaten up by corrosive and murderous hatred.Please also show your sympathy for her two small children deprived of a mothers love by senseless hatred and also for her husband Brendan who fought side by side with her in so many battles and shared in her pride when she became Labour MP for her home town only last May .

I can finish in no better way than to quote his dignified appeal for unity following her murder

“She would have wanted two things above all else to happen now. One that our precious children are bathed in love,and two,that we all unite against the hatred that killed her.”
And uniting against that hatred is the best way we can honour her memory

Earlier this month Tory Home Secretary , Theresa May , proclaimed the following
“If we want to reform Human Rights in this country it isn’t the EU we ought to leave but the European Court of Human Rights and the jurisdiction of its court.
Now May is right about one thing. The European Court of Human Rights is not part of the EU but of the Council of Europe to which just about every European nation subscribes—and acceptance of the jurisdiction of the Euro Court -and that membership is not conditional on membership of the EU, It has existed since the end of the Second World War –and was in at least part the creation of the British Conservative Government under Winston Churchill, In 1998 it was passed into UK Law by Blairs Labour Government by the Human Rights Act. This enshrines in Uk law the rights of UK citizens who have been deprived of their human rights under UK Law to seek redress in Europe. Withdrawl from the Euro Court would mean that the British Home Secretary would be the final arbiter of human rights in the UK with no right of appeal The replacement of the Human Rights Act by a UK Rights Act could severely restrict them

So who has the best track record in the UK of protecting and promoting LGBT human rights in the UK—-Theresa May [and previous British Home Secretaries or the Euro Court?

Theresa May’s Record

1. In 2000 she failed to turn up too support the Labour Governments repeal of the notoriously homophobic Section 28 introduced by the Thatcher government [To be fair to Theresa David Cameron DID turn up and voted against repeal]
2. She voted against equalising the Homosexual Age of Consent with the Heterosexual one at 16.
3.She voted against the right of gay coupes to adopt children
4 She voted against the 2007 Gender Recognition Regulations
5 She voted against the @007 Sexual Orientation Regulations which later—as Camerons first Home Secretary and Equalities Minister
6 She failed to turn up to vote on the Gender Recognition Act

Again ,to be fair to her, she was part of the minority of Tory MPs who voted in favour of Equal Marriage and she is reported to have ‘repented’ of her opposition to same sex couples adoption

However such was the opposition to theresa Mays opposition to LGBT rights that there was an on-line petition calling on David Cameron to relieve her of her Equalities duties—-and indeed eventually it was to be handed over to the likes of Nikki Morgan who had voted against Equal Marriagw.

The 2010 Petition Calling for May to be sacked as Equalities Minister
The 2010 Petition Calling for May to be sacked as Equalities Minister

The Record of the European Court of Human Rights on LGBT Rights
[Note the Euro Court cannot make a judgement unless a complainant takes a case having exhausted all the remedies of the UK legal systemm]

Here are some of the high profile cases where the Euro Court has been instrumental in defending LGBT Rights in the UK

1 In 1981 ,in the case of Dudgeon v. the UK. the court ruled that northern Irish law which still criminalised consenting homosexual relations between adults was in contravention of privacy rights and the UK government subsequently ensured that the law was repealed.Will the ban on same sex marriage in Northern Ireland be overturned in the same way?

Geoff Dudgeon who took his case to the Euro Court and scured decriminalisation in Northern Ireland Geoff Dudgeon who took his case to the Euro Court and scured decriminalisation in Northern Ireland[/caption

2.In 1999 Lustig-Prean and Bakcett v UK and Smith and Grady v. UK won their case of gay personnel in the armed forces being banned -and dismissed-from the armed forces. In the following year the Labour Government overturned the ban. There is strong evidence that Blairs government,although it favoured repeal, was vary wary of adverse public opinion. It was quite convenient to be able to 'blame' it on the Euro Court!20militarysandison

3. Equalisation of the Age of Homosexual Consent

Age of consent in the Uk was equalised following the ruling of the Euro Court in the case of Sutherland v. UK brought in 1999. Again the Labour government implemented itimages
4.In 1996 the Euro Court ruled that firing a person because they began life 'living in another gender' is discriminatory. As a result the Sex Discrimination {Gender Reassignment] regulations were adopted
5 In 2003 protection from discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation was made UK law when the Labour Government acted on a 2000 EU directive
6, Marriage Rights For Trans people. In 2002 the ban on a transgender person marrying a person of the sex opposite to their reassigned sex was declared illegal
7 In 2007 the Euro Court made it possible for trans women to claim pension rights as other women

So Who do you trust to protect our rights?

A British Home Secretary who might be hostile or running scared of public opinion [as expressed by the Daily Mail?

A Brtish Bill of Rights and/or withdrawal from the Euro Court of Human Rights

or keeping things as they are

Which has been the best protector of LGBt Rights?

Bit of a no brainer really

We must defend our membership of the European Court of Human Rights and of the Human Rights Act

Colin livett May 2016

Tomorrow -saturday 30th April sees the very welcome launch of the new Hull LGBT Social Network which will attempt to combat social isolation among older members of Hulls LGBT Community. This has been set up by new local charity One Humber which has been funded by the Hull Clinical Commissioning Group and the Hull and East Riding LGBT Forum under the chairmanship of Andy Train. As Andy says there is no provision in Hull for older LGBT residents in Hull . This often leads to withdrawal from society and social isolation resulting in a detrimental effect on the individuals health and well being. It is hoped that the meetings will take place once a month.
The launch meeting takes place on the 3oth April at PM in West Hull at a secret Location, Please find out the location and more about the event by e-mailing One Humber at or call [01482] 427058 or email

THe Hull and East Riding LGBT+ Network wishes this much needed project every success and we will try to keep you updated on developments

The Hope Not Hate Campaign Group recently asked supporters to make nominations for ‘Community Champions’ for International Womens’ Day on 8th. March. Mike Somerton, the Disabilities Officer for Hull North CLP ,put together a nomination for Liz Charles which ensured that Liz was accepted by Hope Not Hate as a true community champion who throughout her life has ceaselessly campaigned to translate her socialist beliefs into practical campaigning action —even at the age of 80. Liz has campaigned across a wide variety of concerns—–including as I will outline later for the local LGBT Community—not because she is of them but because she passionately opposes discrimination and inequality wherever it manifests itself.
However her first concern is her beloved NHS which she remembers being born and which she sees being destroyed by a Tory government hell-bent on privatising and destroying it. Only this morning she was bewailing the fact that she had missed the fact that Jeremy Hunt was coming to Hull today to visit Mind and that she would not be able to get there in time to give him a warm Hull welcome with some of her placards. Here, however, she is on the picket line at Hull Royal Infirmary during one of the recent junior doctor.s strikes.

On The Picket Line at HRI
On The Picket Line at HRI

Liz has been an energetic campaigner for Save our NHS Hull and was a founder member of the People’s Assembly and regularly attends meetings of Hull North CLP ,and frequently makes the readers of the Hull Daily Mail and listeners to Radio humberside aware of her views. She has campaigned vigorously against the iniquities of TTIP—-especially as far as its likely effects on her beloved NHS are concerned. Liz has been absolutely principle and fearless in her campaigning.
She has, as previously mentioned, been a stalwart supporter of LGBT Rights ,of Hull Pride and Hull and East Riding Labour LGBT+ Network. She was there behind the labour Party stand at the first Hull Pride that I attended,Liz has always turned her artistic skills in designing and printing t-shirts in our cause from the time in the 1980s when she designed t shirts on aids awareness when she worked for Mind—–and which went on display in the Hull Gay Venues during that dark and prejudiced era to the establishment of our network in 2012 when she produced t-shirts for us. Here are a few examples;

Aids Action Designed by Liz in the late 1980's
Aids Action Designed by Liz in the late 1980’s
T  Shirt  designed and printed by Liz for Hull Pride
T Shirt designed and printed by Liz for Hull Pride

Our Liz is an inspiration for us all . She is a reminder to all Socialists that they must fight oppression, prejudice and injustice wherever they find it. She reminds LGBT people that there are others in this world who also suffer from disadvantage and discrimination and that we must support each other here—-and throughout the world in a spirit of true solidarity. I feel certain that she would subscribe fully to Dan Billanys comment in the 1930s that “I would die of shame if i ever stopped feeling angry at the injustices os society and trying to do something about them.”

And that is exactly why we salute Liz as our community champion in Hull.

Colin Livett 17th. March 2016