Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Danny Norton, and I joined the Labour Party in 2011, after developing an interest in politics. I travelled to Australia, and developed a keen interest in world affairs following that trip (isn’t it amazing how travel can inspire you?).

I was particularly interested in LGBT issues when it became increasingly apparent that people like me, were being persecuted the world over simply for being who they are. It made me realise that even in today’s tolerant world, I was extremely lucky to live in a country where I could be myself, and that my relationships (for the most part) were recognised as being equal to anybody else’s. It made me think “why am I the lucky one here?” I never understood why gay people were having their lives taken from them in places like Iran, simply because they were attracted to people of the same sex.

This interest coincided with the election of the current coalition government, and I remember thinking how it could be a disaster for the country, and the way things are going, it seems as though that premonition was not misguided. So, following this election result, and the Labour Party’s constant commitment to equality for the LGBT community whilst in office, I decided that I would become a member. Does anyone really believe that if John Major had won the 1997 general election, that LGBT people would have anything like the kind of equality we enjoy today?

So, it was obvious that this was the party that I could relate to and be an active part of.

And it’s something I’ve never looked back on. I’ve met some fantastic people and some who will be life long friends. We also got our current campaign of trying to quash the conversion therapists off the ground, and this campaign is something that is both ethically right and good fun. It’s the kind of hard work that you find very rewarding. And why is it so rewarding you may ask? Because you can make a positive difference to peoples lives, and there is nothing more rewarding than that. Our campaign highlights the need to be proud of who you are, not what a certain few think you should be. If people are never taught to hate themselves in the first place, they have a much better chance of finding happiness and being happy.

I’d never taken an interest in politics before, and I never thought I would EVER become a member of a political party, but, if we can make a positive difference to peoples lives, I know that it’s something I can continue to be proud of and enjoy doing, knowing that I’m doing the right thing and making that positive difference. And as somebody who is just an ordinary guy, no politics degrees etc, I would encourage anyone to do the same. You don’t need any qualifications, just principles and a drive to do what’s right.

I hope my story can inspire you to take that leap. Thank you for reading J

One thought on “Why Danny got involved with this project

  1. ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,committed citizens can CHANGE THE WORLD. It’s the only thing that ever does.'[Anthropologist Margaret Meade]
    So we need more people like Danny to join the campaign to stop the evils of Gay Conversion Therapy and indeed the persecution of LGBT People that still takes place throughout the world.
    ‘All people are born equal in terms of rights and dignity;[Universal Declaration of Human Rights] We have still so far to go to bring this to reality.


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