We honour all the victims—–including the often forgotten LGBT victims of the holocaust and subsequent genocides.
In todays world bigotry and hatred still target our community. In several countries homosexuality carries the death sentence
In Britain hate crimes against people because of their ethnicity, religion ,disability or sexuality are illegal. Serving soldiers such as those who liberated the death camps no longer go to prison for loving someone of the same sex.
Yet still the hatred which allowed these crimes to happen—-and still happen -goes on . Hate crime rates are soaring. Officialdom thought it was acceptable to tag some refugees with a red wrist band—–and some became victims of the hate merchants whipped up by the shameless scapegoating by some of the popular press. Yellow Star or Red Wrist Band. What is the difference?
So let us resolve to honour ALL the victims by stopping the hatred that allowed it to happen in the first place and which is—sadly–still with us 71 years after the first liberation

One thought on “On Holocaust Memorial Day Honour The Victims by Stopping The Hatred

  1. And since I posted this Cameron at PMQ—after making the required mention of it being Holocaust Memorial Day demeaned himself by attacking Jeremy Corbyn for visiting ‘a bunch of migrants ‘ in Calais. No he did not Mr. Cameron. He visited some human beings and showed a little common humanity. Your attitude is precisely that of those in 1939 who complained about Jewish ‘aliens’ seeking to enter Britain. No Mr.Cameron they were human beings fleeing genocide.


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