L1010835Hull Pride was once again a massive success, with a huge Labour presence there.
The day started with a large parade that started at 1pm from the William Wilberforce monument outside Hull College. The parade went along Guildhall Road, passed the Warren and along Bond Street and Albion Street, to the location of the main festival on Baker Street, where the festivities started at 2.
The day then began with music, food, some drinks, events taking place such as choir signing, activities in the library, and various artists including members from former pop legends S Club 7, who were very well received.
There were also stalls there from various groups, including Victim Support, Humberside Police, MESMAC, Unison, Stonewall and of course the Labour Party. Were there armed with petition papers once again, asking the government to urge the NHS to re think the calamitous decision not to commission PrEP, a potentially life saving drug which could drastically reduce risk to people exposed to HIV, of actually contracting the virus. This petition generated around 500 signatures, and is still live. It will also be uploaded to this website shortly.
Once the stalls had been cleared away, the party got underway, with acts such as Sinitta and Union J performing for appreciative crowds until the small hours.
Pride is still important, especially in light of the horrendous events in Orlando earlier in the year. It is important to celebrate hard won victories, and to inspire us to further victories in the future.
To everyone (and the are too many to mention) who helped out at Hull Pride in 2016. A massive thank you

One thought on “Hull Pride 2016

  1. After all the hatred and violence the carnival like atmosphere was joyous.The support given by the people of Hull—gay or straight -was fantastic. Diversity was welcomed. The petition deserves maximum support.


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